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meet the trainers!!!

Ty, CPT, PES, Group Fit Instructor

(Hampton Roads Area & Moyock, NC)

A 12-year United States Navy veteran that has been mixed in the fitness game/business for more than 10 years helping people achieve the results they're looking for. He's certified personal trainer and group instructor and is all about motivating individuals to be the next level and become the best versions of themselves. He's trained/coached and worked with military personnel and civilians pursuing their fitness goals.


He offers great functional regimens with solid macro-based meal plans serves as the foundation for solid results along with accountability, solid support, and honesty.


"Training with me... Everyone gives 100 percent to achieve their goals!!!"  - Ty


Jenn, Group Fit Instructor

(San Diego, CA Area)


Jenn has been affiliated with TMF family since October 2020 and has been in the fitness industry for more than 5 years.  Being a powerlifter, military spouse herself, she's molded her strength, conditioning, and discipline into being able to help anyone who's in need of functional fitness and guidance. She's attentive, open-minded, and pushes for everyone to be the best version of themselves.​

Her niche offers/focuses full-body regimens with mobility in mind, health coaching, and preparation for powerlift meets.

"I might be small but I carry a BIG stick" - Jenn

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